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Speech and Language Therapy for Kids

Speech and language therapy is a specialised branch of child behaviour therapy that focuses on the assessment, diagnosis, and management of speed production, language comprehension, and expression challenges in children. By addressing the foundational aspects of communication, speech and language therapy supports a kid’s ability to connect and interact, laying a quiet and firm foundation for their foundational social and academic engagements, as well as their overall development.

Speech Therapy for Children’s Developmental Challenges

Our speech and language therapists provide training for children with the following challenges:

  • Limited Vocabulary: Noticeably smaller vocabulary compared to peers, or slow in acquiring new words.

  • Understanding Instructions: Struggles to follow basic directions, which could indicate issues with processing language.

  • Forming Coherent Sentences: Trouble putting words together in a meaningful or grammatically correct way.

  • Pronunciation: Difficulty articulating words correctly, which might persist beyond the age typical for such issues.

  • Stuttering or Stammering: Repeatedly starting and stopping or repeating sounds or syllables, which disrupts the flow of speech.

  • Understanding Speech: Trouble comprehending spoken language, even when it’s age-appropriate and simple.

How to Develop Your Kid’s Speech and Language Skills

At Cornerstone Therapy, our therapists focus on enhancing your kid’s speech and language skills through a blend of specialised methods designed to meet their unique needs and learning styles:


  • Interactive Language Play: Utilises play-based activities like storytelling, singing, and role-playing to naturally encourage verbal exchange.

  • Structured Speech Exercises: Focuses on addressing particular speech production challenges through articulation practice, phonological activities, and using multisensory cues.

  • Technology-Assisted Learning: Incorporates apps and software designed for speech therapy, offering interactive and engaging ways for children to practice language skills. This includes pronunciation games, storytelling apps, and vocabulary building activities that children can use under guidance and independently.

  • Parent-Child Interaction: Encourages active parental involvement in the child’s language development process. Through guided sessions, parents learn effective communication strategies to support their child’s language use in everyday interactions, strengthening the child’s speech and language skills in their natural environment.


Learning Outcomes:


  • You may notice improvements in your child’s communication abilities in your child, including a richer vocabulary, clearer speech, and more effective communication across different settings.

  • Your child may experience increased confidence in speech and language, which may culminate in increased active participation in conversations, classroom activities, and social engagements.

Experienced and Qualified Speech and Language Therapists in Singapore

Finding the right therapist who aligns with your values, skills and experience is crucial for both your and your child’s success. A speech and language therapist is not merely a professional providing a service, but a trusted partner in your parenting journey.


At Cornerstone Therapy, we meticulously select our team based on their character traits, years of relevant experience, commitment to family empowerment, and knowledge in intervention approaches to build Self-Regulation, Organisation and Motivation (ROM). 


The ROM Theory is the cornerstone of our therapy because we prioritise ensuring that your child is regulated, organised and motivated during therapy. This ensures that the child will be actively engaged in the activities specially designed for them. This active engagement is how we achieve meaningful progress in speech, communication, and social skills, whether it’s through speech therapy, occupational therapy or other therapeutic forms. 

By building and developing these skills, children can then apply them to real-world environments more effectively, enabling them to interact with others more successfully, and embrace a broader array of learning opportunities. These are the outcomes that our speech therapists strive to achieve.


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