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Feeding Therapy for Children in Singapore

Feeding therapy is a vital intervention for children with feeding and swallowing difficulties, ensuring safe eating and adequate nutrition for healthy growth. It addresses not just the physical challenges of eating but also the emotional and psychological aspects, such as sensory sensitivities and food aversions. Conducted by professionals like occupational therapists and speech-language specialists, the therapy offers personalised strategies to improve chewing, swallowing, and mealtime behaviours.


The significance of feeding therapy for children extends beyond nutrition, fostering a positive relationship with food and mealtime experiences. It equips families with techniques to support their child’s eating habits, promoting long-term healthy eating behaviours. Essential for children with feeding challenges, feeding therapy in Singapore is key to their overall well-being and development.

Feeding Therapy for Children’s Developmental Challenges

Feeding therapy for children is a caring and effective approach to help children with autism overcome challenges and anxieties related to eating, making mealtime a positive experience for both kids and parents. Our therapists will provide training for the following challenges:


  • Food Selectivity: Preferring a very limited range of foods, often of a specific texture or colour.
  • Limited Food Preferences: Showing reluctance or refusal to try new foods, leading to a nutritionally imbalanced diet.
  • Sensory Sensitivities: Being overly sensitive to certain food textures, smells, or tastes, which can make eating certain foods distressing.
  • Oral Motor Coordination Issues: Difficulty with chewing or swallowing, which can affect their ability to eat a variety of foods safely.
  • Repetitive Behaviours and Rituals Around Mealtime: Insistence of certain routines or rituals during meals, which can disrupt eating.

How to Develop Your Child Through Feeding Therapy

Feeding therapy for children offers a structured approach to help each kid overcome eating challenges and develop healthy eating habits. Our programme is designed to address the unique needs of each child through individual and group therapy sessions.

Individual Feeding Therapy Sessions

Individual feeding therapy sessions are tailored specifically to the unique needs of a single child, offering a personalised approach. Conducted by feeding therapists, these sessions employ the following strategies to focus on the specific challenges and goals of each child:


  • Personalised Assessment: Detailed assessment to identify the child’s unique feeding challenges.
  • Tailored Plans and Strategies: Development of individualised strategies to improve specific skills like chewing, swallowing, and handling different textures.
  • One-on-One Sessions: One-on-one interactions to build trust and address particular concerns.


Learning Outcomes:


  • Your child may display improved specific feeding skills, like chewing and swallowing, suited to the child’s abilities.
  • Your child may experience greater comfort with a wider range of foods tailored to the child’s sensory preferences.
  • Your child will learn and can apply enhanced coping strategies for mealtime anxieties or behaviours.

Group Feeding Therapy Sessions

Group feeding therapy sessions provide a unique and interactive environment for children in Singapore, especially beneficial for those who might benefit from social modelling and peer interaction. Our skilled therapists will support children through such strategies:


  • Team Taste-Testing: Engaging in group activities that promote food exploration and acceptance.
  • Learning From Peers at the Table: Learning through observation and imitation of peers’ positive mealtime behaviours.
  • Group Texture Trials: Exploring different textures, tastes, and smells in a group setting, which can make new foods less intimidating.


Learning Outcomes:


  • Your child may display an improved willingness to try new foods based on peer influence.
  • Your child will learn and can apply enhanced social skills related to mealtime, like sharing and turn-taking.
  • Your child will learn and practise acceptance of a variety of textures and flavours through shared sensory experiences.

Experienced and Qualified Feeding Therapists in Singapore

Finding the right therapist who aligns with your values, skills and experience is crucial for both your and your child’s success. A feeding therapist is not merely a professional providing a service, but a trusted partner in your parenting journey.


At Cornerstone Therapy, we meticulously select our team based on their character traits, years of relevant experience, commitment to family empowerment, and knowledge in intervention approaches to build Self-Regulation, Organisation and Motivation (ROM). 


The ROM Theory is the cornerstone of our therapy because we prioritise ensuring that your kid is regulated, organised and motivated during therapy. This ensures that the child will be actively engaged in the activities specially designed for them. This active engagement is how we achieve meaningful progress in speech, communication, and social skills, whether it’s through feeding therapy, educational therapy, occupational therapy or other therapeutic forms. 


By building and developing these skills, children can then apply them to real-world environments more effectively, enabling them to interact with others more successfully, and embrace a broader array of learning opportunities. These are the outcomes that our educational therapists strive to achieve.

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