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Our Therapies

Individual Therapies

We offer a full range of Paediatric Occupational Therapy, Educational Therapy, Speech & Language Therapy. Please contact us for information about our therapists’ profiles, price range and availability.

We provide an extensive range of formal assessments to help you gain an objective understanding of your child’s strengths and challenges. These assessments and reports can also be used for informing curricular modifications and accessibility to examination accommodations, such as the need for a prompter, extra time, or alternatives to handwritten work.

Not all therapists are effective in delivering therapy via digital platforms. We are proud to say that every therapist in the team has relevant experience in delivering online intervention due to our expertise in parent coaching. We guide the parent and child on what to prep before the session and provide on-the-spot feedback for the parent to make adjustments for sustained child engagement during the session.

This is a specialized branch of therapy that focuses on helping children develop, improve, and maintain the skills necessary for daily activities and participation in various environments.


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This is a specialized branch of therapy that focuses on assessing, diagnosing, and treating speech production, language comprehension and expression, communication and feeding disorders in children.


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This is a specialized form of therapy that focuses on addressing learning difficulties and helping children develop functional or academic skills. It is provided to children who are experiencing challenges in areas such as reading, writing, math, study skills, and attention.


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For children who experience academic, social, emotional, or behavioural difficulties in school, a combination of individual therapy, school-based support, and group therapy sessions often provide the best long-term academic and developmental outcomes. All our therapists have relevant experience across the settings of centre-based therapy and school-based support, to collaborate effectively with your child’s teacher. 

This approach provides convenience to the family and reduces anxiety for some children. It is especially essential for the training of independence in self-care skills and the management of schoolwork. Our therapists can assist families to structure their home environment for better schoolwork and leisure engagement if needed. This includes the implementation of a simple sensory-based gym corner in the house, for children who benefit from a movement-based sensory diet throughout the day.