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Our Care

Our Care Model

You will be informed of a clinical impression of your child’s learning needs through our standardized or functional assessments. You will be informed of an overall therapy direction and the number of sessions required.

Your child will have clear targeted goals that are set collaboratively by the therapist, you, and your child.

Therapy for your child will comprise of a combination of individual and group sessions from 15 to 30 sessions for a complete intervention cycle. Participation in group therapy will be subjected to availability. Our focus will be on developing your child’s Regulation, Organization, & Motivation (ROM). For continuous progress and improvement, new goals will be set after each cycle.


Regulation is the ability to monitor and manage your own energy states, emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in ways that are acceptable and produce positive results such as well-being, loving relationships, and learning.


Organization is the ability to initiate, sequence action steps, complete a goal directed task, and move on to the next task.


Motivation refers to the internal or external factors that drive, energize, and direct our behavior towards achieving a goal or satisfying a need.