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Educational Therapy in Singapore

Educational therapy offers a personalised approach designed to unlock a child’s learning potential, addressing specific challenges and enhancing strengths. To support children facing learning difficulties, educational therapists bring relevant experience and qualifications to the table. They are adept at identifying and addressing learning differences related to conditions, such as attention deficit, dyslexia, autism, dyscalculia, intellectual disability, and conduct disorders. This expertise allows them to pinpoint specific areas where support is needed and tailor strategies that not only address these challenges but also build upon the kid’s existing strengths.

The importance of educational therapy lies in its capacity to nurture a supportive learning atmosphere. This environment empowers children to face and surmount their educational hurdles, thereby enhancing their confidence. Such a rise in self-esteem is vital, influencing a child’s eagerness to learn and their overall academic achievements.

Educational Therapy for Children’s Developmental Challenges

Children facing developmental challenges can encounter barriers that impede their academic progress. Our educational therapists will provide training for children with the following challenges:


  • Study and Organisational Skills: Demonstrates difficulties in managing their time, materials, and information effectively.
  • Attention and Concentration in Classroom Settings: Exhibits difficulties in sustaining focus during instructional time and effectively absorbing the material presented.
  • Confidence in Academic Abilities: Faces hurdles in believing in their capability to succeed academically, which can hinder their willingness to participate and take on new challenges.

How to Develop Your Child’s Academic Skills

A good educational therapist excels in engaging kids and guiding them to implement strategies of self-regulation, organisation, and motivation in their learning journey. The following are some of such skills taught during our educational therapy sessions:



  • Functional Cognitive Skills: Retelling events in sequence, giving reasons for inferences, and demonstrating understanding of spatial and temporal concepts.
  • Functional Classroom Behaviour Skills: Interacting with others in cooperative activities, carrying out personal hygiene needs, and communicating for permission, clarification, or to obtain information.
  • Academic-Based Subject Learning: Reading, comprehension and writing in English and Chinese, as well as Maths. This is often targeted at students in mainstream schools who require more support than what conventional subject tuition may offer.

Learning Outcomes:


  • Your child may experience improvements in their learning outcomes.
  • Your child may become more adept at interacting with peers in cooperative settings, managing their needs independently, and effectively communicating for assistance or information.
  • Your child may develop stronger functional cognitive skills, including the ability to sequence events, make inferences, and understand spatial and temporal concepts.

Educational therapy is typically catered to children aged 3 to 12 years old, acknowledging the essential period for early intervention. These individualised and personalised therapy sessions will be conducted either one-on-one for direct focus or in pairs to harness peer dynamics.

Experienced and Qualified Educational Therapists in Singapore

Finding the right therapist who aligns with your values, skills and experience is crucial for both your and your child’s success. An educational therapist is not merely a professional providing a service, but a trusted partner in your parenting journey.


At Cornerstone Therapy, we meticulously select our team based on their character traits, years of relevant experience, commitment to family empowerment, and knowledge in intervention approaches to build Self-Regulation, Organisation and Motivation (ROM). 


The ROM Theory is the cornerstone of our therapy because we prioritise ensuring that your kid is regulated, organised and motivated during therapy. This ensures that the child will be actively engaged in the activities specially designed for them. This active engagement is how we achieve meaningful progress in speech, communication, and social skills, whether it’s through educational therapy, feeding therapyoccupational therapy or other therapeutic forms. 

By building and developing these skills, children can then apply them to real-world environments more effectively, enabling them to interact with others more successfully, and embrace a broader array of learning opportunities. These are the outcomes that our educational therapists strive to achieve.

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