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Our Care

What Makes Us Unique?

The team is carefully hand-picked for their character traits, years of relevant experience, commitment to family empowerment, and knowledge of the intervention approaches in building Regulation, Organisation, and Motivation (ROM).


We believe that parents should not be engulfed by a myriad of professional jargon that the industry uses, such as:

But be supported in strategies of helping their child in Occupational Engagement. Occupational Engagement is the change agent. Occupations can be categorized as self-care, education, sleep & rest, play & leisure, and socialization related activities. It is not enough to remediate the component skills listed above but facilitate the processes of ROM to fulfil Occupational Engagement in the real world of home, school, and community settings.


We specialize in parent coaching and group therapies to bring about occupational engagement in authentic social activities, such as cookery and eating, pretend play, obstacle course challenges, show & tell, construction play, board games, music & movement, and core strengthening exercises.