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Who Can We Help?

We work with children and adolescents with diagnoses in Autism, Global Developmental Delay, Developmental Coordination Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Intellectual Disability, and Neuromotor Disorder.

Children and Adolescents

Children and Adolescents who are neurodiverse and want training in self-regulation, organization, and motivation for improved participation and outcomes in their socialization, schoolwork, sleep & rest, play & leisure.

Children and Adolescents with or without a clinical diagnosis, with challenges in attention, impulse control, emotional control, planning, flexibility, working memory, self-monitoring, and executive functioning, who want a better prognosis in their long-term outcomes.

Children and Adolescents with physical and multiple disabilities, requiring movement therapy, equipment prescription and home modifications.

Families and Teachers

Families who want to be coached and empowered to carry over the therapy efforts at home on a regular and daily basis.

Teachers who want to be coached and empowered to carry out differentiated teaching instructions for children with different learning needs.