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Child Behaviour Therapy in Singapore

We believe that the Family is the Cornerstone of every child.

We promise to be fully transparent in our care so that you are empowered to create the best possible long-term outcomes for your child.

Core Principles of Our Child Behavior Therapy Approach

We carry out child behaviour therapy in Singapore by improving their:


Regulation is the ability to monitor and manage one’s own energy levels, emotions, thoughts, and behaviours in ways that are acceptable and produce positive results, such as well-being, loving relationships, and learning.


Organisation is the ability to initiate, sequence action steps, complete a goal-directed task, and move on to the next task.


Motivation refers to the internal or external factors that drive, energise, and direct one’s behaviour towards achieving a goal or satisfying a need.

Behaviour Interventions in
Individual and Group Therapies

An effective therapy cycle should consist of both individual and peer group experiences. We deliver them in a systematic and progressive manner.

Early Intervention Programme

The Early Intervention Programme (EIP) we offer is customised to cater to the individual qualities of each child. It takes place in small group classroom settings, fostering natural learning and the development of significant relationships.

Paediatric Speech & Language Therapy

This specialised therapy branch is dedicated to evaluating, diagnosing, and addressing speech production, language comprehension and expression, communication, and feeding disorders in children.

Paediatric Occupational Therapy

This is a distinct therapy specialisation dedicated to aiding children with the essential skills required for everyday activities and active engagement across diverse environments.

Feeding Therapy

Our programme, led by experienced occupational and speech therapists, focuses on addressing feeding challenges common in children with autism. We work to enhance diet variety, food acceptance, feeding skills, and reduce mealtime-related anxieties through social group sessions.

Educational Therapy

Specialised therapy is dedicated to addressing learning challenges and supporting children in acquiring practical or academic skills. It is tailored for children encountering difficulties in areas like reading, writing, mathematics, study techniques, and concentration.

Our Facility in Singapore

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