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Our Therapies

Group Therapies

Group Therapy provides many opportunities for children and adolescents to work on their abilities to get organized, and maintain self-regulation based on the motivation they get from peer bonding and connection and emotional support. This therapeutic experience, facilitated by our skilled therapist or teacher, is necessary for the consolidation of skills learnt in individual therapy.

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A just-right group size of 3-5 children or adolescents, that focuses on helping them develop and improve their social interactions, communication, and emotional understanding. It is semi-structured with movement games, role-playing, simple cookery, and discussions, across 10 sessions. Ongoing evaluation and progress monitoring ensure that your child’s development is tracked and adjustments are made as needed.

Reading, Comprehension, and Writing go together. The Handwriting & Literacy Group is an intensive and systematic intervention aimed at improving your child’s handwriting skills (placement, spacing, letter size, pressure control, stamina) and to use handwriting as a means of written expression. It is structured across 20 sessions, and often in conjunction with individual therapy.


If your child is still learning letter formation and establishing a pencil grip, as well as still building a basic receptive language vocabulary, he will need individual therapy first.

It is a group for young children ages 4 to 6, preparing to enter and succeed in formal education settings. This is a group that all young children love! They get to learn classroom behaviour skills – asking for help, navigating the environment, using money, getting ready for arrival and dismissal routines, queueing up, waiting for one’s turn, making clarifications, remaining with the group, initiating and completing tasks, and last but not least, engage in social games with rules, through carefully designed fun activities, supported by our loving teachers.


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Our children and adolescents with learning differences need a non-judgemental space to enjoy leisure and play. Engagement in leisure and play is an experience that is relaxing, self-affirming, and based purely on one’s interest to explore and express. It is highly recommended for children with challenges in: making choices, winning-loosing, accepting feedback, problem-solving, managing anxiety and frustration, exploring leisure interests other than screentime entertainment.

Many children with autism experience difficulties in various aspects of feeding, such as food selectivity, limited food preferences, sensory sensitivities, oral motor coordination issues, and repetitive behaviours around mealtime. We aim to improve the overall variety and quality of your child’s diet, increase acceptance of new foods, develop appropriate feeding skills, and reduce any negative behaviours or anxieties associated with eating, in a social setting with other children. This group is conducted by qualified Occupational and Speech Therapists.

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Many of our children and adolescents who are neuro-diverse have retained primitive reflexes that impact on their sitting (on the floor and chair), standing, and balance. It is no wonder that they are restless and prefer to be either totally leaning on furniture, lying on the floor, or on the move all the time! They develop rounded backs, hunched shoulders, inward rotated knees, hips that tilt backwards, and tight hamstrings. All these can potentially cause tension and discomfort in the neck, shoulders, upper and lower back, knees, and the back of the thighs, which ultimately affect flexibility, alertness, speed of motor execution and performance. This group is only for school-age children in mainstream primary and secondary schools. Our posture group is conducted by a qualified Occupational Therapist, using structured exercises over 10 sessions.

Tailored to attend to each child’s unique qualities in small group classroom settings that promote natural learning and the formation of meaningful relationships.


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