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Training Your Children’s Executive Functioning Skills in Singapore

Executive functioning skills are the cornerstone of effective learning and everyday living, encompassing the mental processes crucial for organising, planning, and executing tasks. These include working memory, cognitive flexibility, impulse control, and self-regulation, all of which are vital for a child’s ability to manage their thoughts, actions and emotions effectively amidst distractions.


Through the development of these skills, children will have the means to improve aspects of their academic performance, social interactions, and emotional resilience. Additionally, such training will help them gain a sense of independence, providing a solid foundation for responsible decision-making and accountability that will serve them well into adolescence and adulthood.


By nurturing executive functioning skills from an early age, children are set on a path toward long-term personal and professional success. Equipping them with these critical skills ensures they are prepared to lead a productive and fulfilling life, ready to adapt and thrive in the face of life’s challenges. 

Therapy for Children With Executive Dysfunction

Executive dysfunction can impact various aspects of a child’s life, making it difficult for them to keep up with academic demands, interact socially, and handle daily responsibilities. Our occupational therapists will provide executive functioning skills training for children with the following challenges:


  • Initiating Tasks: Difficulty starting homework, projects, or even simple daily routines due to overwhelming feelings or an inability to prioritise.
  • Planning and Organising: Challenges in breaking down tasks into manageable steps or organising materials and thoughts for effective task completion.
  • Working Memory: Trouble holding information in mind long enough to use it, affecting their ability to follow instructions or complete multi-step activities.
  • Emotional Regulation: Difficulties in managing emotions appropriately, leading to frustration, anxiety, or impulsivity that can interfere with task completion.
  • Time Management: A tendency to underestimate the time needed for tasks, resulting in poor punctuality or incomplete work.
  • Flexible Thinking: Difficulty adapting to new information or changing plans when faced with obstacles, making problem-solving a challenge.
  • Impulse Control: Acting without thinking about the consequences, which can disrupt learning and social interactions.

How to Develop Your Child’s Executive Functioning Skills

Developing your children’s executive functioning skills is a journey, and our training aims to help nurture them in the following methods:


  • Individualised Attention: The training will involve one-on-one sessions that provide your child with tailored guidance and support to address their unique needs.
  • Group Learning: Engaging group sessions consolidate skills learned in individual sessions, fostering social interactions that reinforce their learning.
  • Real-world Engagement: Activities like cooking, obstacle courses, and board games can help your children apply their executive functioning skills as they practise planning, problem-solving, and strategic thinking in everyday situations.
  • Practical Strategies: Your kids will learn to use tools like timers, work organisers, colour-coded notebooks, and memory aids to improve their executive functioning skills.
  • Parental Involvement: With clear, practical guidance, you will be able to support your children’s executive functioning skill development at home.

Learning Outcomes:


  • You will gain an in-depth understanding of EF and its impact on your child’s development.
  • You will acquire specific strategies to support children with learning difficulties.
  • You will learn to implement practical, everyday tools to enhance your children’s executive functioning skills.

Experienced and Qualified Occupational Therapists in Singapore

Finding the right therapist who aligns with your values, skills and experience is crucial for both your and your child’s success. An occupational therapist is not merely a professional providing a service, but a trusted partner in your parenting journey.


At Cornerstone Therapy, we meticulously select our team based on their character traits, years of relevant experience, commitment to family empowerment, and knowledge in intervention approaches to build Self-Regulation, Organisation and Motivation (ROM). 


The ROM Theory is the cornerstone of our therapy because we prioritise ensuring that your kid is regulated, organised and motivated during therapy. This ensures that the child will be actively engaged in the activities specially designed for them. This active engagement is how we achieve meaningful progress in speech, communication, and social skills, whether it’s through executive functioning skills training, speech and language therapy or other therapeutic forms. 


By building and developing these skills, children in Singapore can then apply them to real-world environments more effectively, enabling them to interact with others more successfully, and embrace a broader array of learning opportunities. These are the outcomes that our occupational therapists strive to achieve.

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